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Lexington Accident Attorneys

Roberts Lambert is centrally located in Lexington at the outer loop of New Circle and Alumni Drive at 651 Perimeter Drive. Our team is here to serve anyone injured throughout Lexington and the region. We are dedicated to making life safer for everyone who lives and works in Lexington.

Lexington Car Accident Data

Tragically, in 2023, 52 people died in car crashes in Lexington, up from 38 deaths in 2022. This is the highest number of fatal crashes in Fayette County since the Kentucky State Police started compiling and releasing crash data. In Lexington there has been a recent increase in the number of fatal accidents involving cars striking pedestrians. Each case is different but these numbers show that we all have work to do in reaching our goal of a safer Lexington.

Car accidents in Fayette County in 2022 resulted in 2,345 injuries. This number excludes minor fender benders and minor property damage accidents. Car accidents are a fact of life. So are the 2,345 lives who were disrupted and permanently changed.

If you are among this group of injured people or the surviving loved one of a person who died, know this: you are more than a statistic. We are in your corner. Call us today and we will tell your story loud and clear.

Lexington Personal Injury Attorneys

Our team of experienced attorneys and staff handles other types of cases for injured people in Lexington. We handle Lexington defective product cases, Lexington truck cases, Lexington motorcycle cases, Lexington serious injury cases, Lexington workplace accident cases, Lexington slip and fall cases, Lexington nursing home abuse cases, Lexington nursing home neglect cases, Lexington premises liability cases, Lexington prescription drug cases, Lexington wrongful death cases, Lexington Uber accident cases, Lexington Lyft accident cases, and Lexington personal injury cases.

If you have been injured by someone’s negligence in Lexington, call us today. One of our friendly staff members will assist you to get the information you need to move forward with your injury case and on your path compensation.

Cases we take in Lexington.

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Tyler Roberts is an excellent attorney, but before being an attorney Tyler is a good person. Tyler is honest, polite, professional and caring.
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A great lawyer and a great person who really cares about his clients and sees them as people and not just a case number.
social security Client
Tyler was warm, caring, and professional when he dealt with my car accident claim. He helped make sure I received what I was owed...
car accident Client
He made me feel I was as important as much bigger and important clients. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anybody and everybody.
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Our lawyers and legal staff gather evidence, apply the law, and build your case.
We present your case to the insurance company in an attempt to settle pre-litigation.
File Case
If the insurance company makes a low offer, we file your case with the appropriate court and litigate.
We take and defend depositions, respond to and send interrogatories, and extract evidence from the defendants.
Typically, we give the insurance company one last chance to resolve the case at a formal mediation.
If the offer is still too low, our lawyers take your case to trial and let it be decided by a jury or a judge.
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